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September 2010

In September 2010 a camera has been operated at the southern slopes of lake Øyungen on three days. From more than 5000 pictures recorded two appear to be noteworthy.

On September 3rd a weak red light can be seen against the backdrop of the landscape north of the lake shortly after 9pm. It could be an artificial source of light such as the backlight of a car. Or it could be the Hessdalen Phenomenon.

Red light near lake Øyungen, click to enlarge

In the evening of September 7th a bright light appears in the directon of the setting sun. As chromatic aberration is clearly visible, a lens flare can be ruled out. A flare of a car window can also be ruled out, because a map is showing that swamps without any trails are lying in the background. The exposure time of the photo is just 1/2500sec. It is reasonable to assume that the light has been shining significantly longer than 1/2500sec.

A bright light is flashing up against the setting sun, click to enlarge

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