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April 2012

In the nights from April 04th to 22nd 2012 the photographers Eugen Kamenew and Bernd Pröschold have been running cameras on different vantage points. Overall more than 41000 photos have been recorded. Several photographs and videos are showing light phenomena which can not clearly be identified. After carefull screening, lights in one video and in one image sequence have been interpreted as Hessdalen Phenomenon.

In the night to April 7th more than 1.5 hours of live video have been recorded on point Bravo, a vantage point between
Hessjøen and Lake Øyungen. For some seconds the Hessdalen-Phenomenon is showing up in the footage. According to Heavensat no satellites of known magnitude crossed the corresponding area of the sky.

In the night to April 14th several timelapse cameras have been operated on the slope east of Hessjøen. One of the cameras is showing a nearby light, flashing up several times. The light is detectable for approximately two minutes in the timelapse sequence.

Phenomenon in the night to April7th 2012 at the right border of the image, please activate fullscreen and Full HD

Phenomenon in the evening of April13th 2012; click to enlarge

Animation of the phenomenon from April13th; please activate fullscreen and Full HD

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