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March/April 2016

In the nights March 27/28, April 6/7, April 8/9, April 9/10, April 10/11 and April 11/12 timelapse cameras have been operated in different locations of the valley. In total more than 17000 images have been recorded. The phenomenon can not clearly be identified in the shots.

In the night from April 8th to 9th two cameras have been running on the hill
Heggsethøgda. At 11:26pm one of the cameras is showing a light phenomenon between the clouds. The other camera has not been recording at this moment. According to the software Stellarium, the satellite "SEEDS II" has been crossing the respective area of the sky. However, the light phenomenon showed up 1,2° above the position specified by Stellarium (screenshot). Actually, the satellite SEEDS II is not known for bright red flares. However it can´t be ruled out that we are looking at a flare of a secret military satellite.

Light phenomenon between scattered clouds; click to enlarge

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