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E-book: Extraterrestrials
The great taboo of our time. A  special case in cultural theory.

Are we afraid of all that is alien to us? Philosophers and sociologists have discussed this question extensively in relation to the clash of cultures. However, no one has applied it so far to the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors. And yet such an inquiry appears perfectly reasonable: there are to the best of our knowledge millions of habitable planets in our galaxy; each year millions of dollars are spent on looking for signs of intelligent life in outer space. More ...

Title: Extraterrestrials. The great taboo of our time. A special case in cultural theory.
Format: mobi, EPUB, PDF (Amazon: mobi only)
Author: Bernhard Pröschold
Translator: Kathleen Cross

Language: English
Published: 2014
Pages: 158 (PDF version)
Graphics: 6
Price: €1.99 (Amazon: $3.68)

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"The book of the year." (GreWi aktuell)

"Pröschold´s book is adding an important perspective to the discussion about the taboo around extraterrestrials [...] and can be - despite some minor problems - heavily recommended." (Ingbert Jüdt, Zeitschrift für Anomalistik)

"Exceptionally instructive and putting forward convincing argument" (a German sociologist)

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