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Measurement stations


When research in Hessdalen was resumed in the 90th, automated measurement stations have been established at different locations. The biggest and best known station is the "Blue Box", set up at Heggset in 1998. Between 1998 and 2004 many cameras and measurement devices have been installed at this place, among them a radar and an extremely low frequency observer.

Currently there is no automated alarm. Students of
Østfold College are just about developing a system, activating an automated record, when an unusual light appears in the images. Currently, private enthusiasts are surveying the live images and record the stream if something happens.

A "classical" video was recorded by the Blue Box cameras on December 4th 1999. It can be downloaded via hessdalen.org:


The image shows a bright light moving over the sky. Suddenly a smaller light appears and is sucked up by the bigger light (timecode 17:20:38).

Since 2012 live colour streams of the Blue Box are available via internet:


Erling Strand working on the instrumentation of the Blue Box. Please click to enlarge.

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