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Welcome to the German website about the exploration of the Hessdalen Phenomenon. Since the early 80th unexplained luminous phenomena are observed and scientifically investigated in Hessdalen, a mountain valley in central Norway. This website is informing about the phenomenon and it is encouraging further research. Own fieldwork is conducted aiming at photographic and videographic evidence of the Hessdalen Lights.

The Hessdalen Phenomenon

The phenomenon is observed in a mountain valley with a length of ca. 20km. Reports are made within a region of more than 1000 km². There are no specific hot spots.

The lights are observed both in the sky and near the ground. Short, pointlike flashes are seen quite often, however observations can also last longer than an hour. The lights vary in colour and size.

About 20 sightings per years are reported. The frequency of sightings is usually increasing when scientific personnel is on location.

Since 2010 the author of this site has taken timelapse sequences with more than 100,000 individual images in Hessdalen. Very few images are showing the phenomenon. For further detail check the "Photography" section.

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